Pierre Pradier leader of one of the most important companies in the Asian market

Ruslan Bardash / Unsplash

Pierre Pradier is the founder and head of the corporate strategy for New Horizons Global Partner. The man leads his company successfully, but perhaps many of you will have wondered what man did before becoming the head of one of the most important companies in the Asian market.

Over the past 10 years, Pierre has invested in various startups in the field of human resources and technology, thanks to the fact that he is gaining more and more body and gaining more importance. New Horizons Global Parteners is not the only company that helps businesses in Asia.

But what sets it apart from others and makes Pierre proud is the reputation for compliance, integrity and support achieved through companies that settle in these Asian markets in record time. On the other hand, it also provides a dedicated account manager for each company to improve communication and establish a meaningful relationship with their customers. He believes that this attention to detail distinguishes them from other companies in the sector that often neglect or fail to listen to the specific needs of each client.

He is currently working on communicating and implementing a company’s strategy internally and externally so that all employees, partners, suppliers, and contractors understand the company-wide strategic plan and how it carries out the company’s overall goals.